You, Me, and the Sea

by Meg Donohue

From the USA Today bestselling author of All the Summer Girls and Dog Crazycomes a spellbinding and suspenseful tale inspired by Wuthering Heights that illuminates the ways in which hope—and even magic—can blossom in the darkest of places.

To find her way, she must abandon everything she loves…

As a child, Merrow Shawe believes she is born of the sea: strong, joyous, and wild. Her beloved home is Horseshoe Cliff, a small farm on the coast of Northern California where she spends her days exploring fog-cloaked bluffs and swimming in a secluded cove. It’s an enchanting childhood, but it’s not without hardship—the mystery of her mother’s death haunts her, as does the increasing cruelty of her older brother, Bear.

Then, like sea glass carried from a distant shore, Amir arrives in Merrow’s life. He’s been tossed about from India to New York City and now to Horseshoe Cliff, to stay with her family. Together, Merrow and Amir embrace their shared love of the sea, and their growing love for each other.

But the ocean holds secrets in its darkest depths. When tragedy strikes, Merrow is forced to question whether Amir is really the person she believes him to be. In order to escape the danger she finds herself in and carve her own path forward, she must let go of the only home she’s ever known, and the only boy she’s ever loved….

Inspired by Wuthering HeightsYou, Me, and the Sea is a spellbinding and suspenseful tale that illuminates the ways in which hope, love, and even magic can blossom in the darkest of places.

Available May 7, 2019

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Editorial Reviews

Nail-biting secrets, heart-pounding passion, and lush prose hurl this novel to its sweeping conclusion. For readers, like me, who wondered what if for Heathcliff and Catherine, this is a genuine treat.

Sarah McCoy, New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of Marilla of Green Gables

You, Me, and the Sea is an enchanting and imaginative story about soulmates, family, and forgiveness. With its sparkling allure of Northern California’s rugged coast and aura of mystery and romance, I was swept away by this evocative modern take on Wuthering Heights.

Elise Hooper, author of Learning to See and The Other Alcott