Sky Queen

by Judy Kundert

It’s 1967, and Katherine Roebling is a Chicago-based stewardess caught between the hold of highflying travel and the call of her Native American ancestors just as the women’s movement is taking the US by storm. As she vacillates between an ever-present mystical ancestral feather and her alluring stewardess life of excitement and travel, she embarks on a journey from one adventure to the next―each episode bringing her closer to her predestined calling. A chance meeting with a college student from Athens, Greece at a Chicago Playboy Mansion Press Party and her visit to the Oracle of Delphi intertwine with Katherine’s discovery of the treasure inside herself. Ultimately, she gains wings that allow her to glide over society’s barriers; she abandons the so-called glamorous life she’s been living, creates her own path, and embarks upon a new career at the Smithsonian in DC―one that will take her on a miraculous experience of personal growth and uncharted paths.

Available June 18, 2019

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Editorial Reviews

A former United Airlines stewardess, Kundert paints a vivid portrait of Katherine’s flight attendant world, from the weigh-ins and strict dress code to the leering male passengers . . . A thoughtful and sensitively observed tale with a heroine whose adventures are worth following.

Kirkus Reviews

It’s always entertaining to peek into the lives of Golden Age stewardesses—tailored designer uniforms, fawning passengers, steak and lobster meals…and, of course, girdle checks, weigh-ins, smoky cabins, and non-stop sexual harassment. But SkyQueen is more than a nostalgic jaunt. It also offers an uplifting and sometimes mystical take on young women and cultural minorities fighting for their place in a changing world.

Tiffany Hawk, author of Love Me Anyway